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food packaging bag design:
this is to design the layout of the vacuum bag according to the requirements of the food company. a good design of food vacuum bags has a good effect on improving the sales of products. firstly, our company has the design of vacuum food packaging bags.

vacuum food packaging bag plate making:
it is to make the copperplate on the food packaging printing press according to the confirmation draft of the food packaging design. this edition is cylindrical, and is not a single set. the specific size and number of editions should be determined according to the packaging design of the previous step.

food vacuum packaging bag printing:
in the specific work of food packaging printing press, according to the layer material confirmed by the food company (material confirmation can refer to the basis of vacuum bags), printing results are not much different from the design drawings.

food vacuum packaging bag composite:
the so-called composite is to bond the two total materials together, and to stick the ink surface between two layers of materials, such as pa (nylon)/pe (reinforced), in which nylon is the layer material that is printed material, pe (reinforced) is the layer material that is composite material, in some cases there will be a third and fourth layer material. for ordinary aluminum foil bags (opp film / al foil / pe enhancement), a third layer is required. note: before compounding, it is usually necessary to check the materials printed before, and eliminate the materials with poor printing effect.

food vacuum packaging bag curing:
the solidification-activation process is similar to that of free radical polymerization, i.e. light absorption, sensitization, initiation, transfer and chain termination. one advantage of the cationic system is that the reaction is not inhibited by oxygen, while the traditional free radical initiator is inhibited by oxygen.

food packaging bags:
slitting is for automatic packaging film (pillow packaging film), bag making machine is used to make a vacuum packaging bag.

after the above process, a vacuum packaging bag came out, of course, after the inspection of quality inspectors, can be safely transported to food manufacturers.
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