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food packaging bags are the most widely used in food packaging. many leisure food packaging bags are made of aluminum foil bags, such as duck paw, duck neck, areca nut, phoenix claw and so on. when you go to the leisure food area of supermarkets and shopping malls and browse, you will soon find that aluminum foil bags have occupied half of the country. why is it so popular? what's the difference between food packaged in aluminum foil bags?

one of the differences: excellent shading

this is the characteristic of all food packaging bags, only aluminum foil bags. keeping food from illumination can greatly improve the quality of packaging and preserve the color, aroma and taste of food. like aluminium foil bags with high or low temperature resistance, oil resistance, fragrance retention and high barrier, these abilities can also be realized and possessed by other composite packaging bags.

two differences: beautiful metal gloss

this is also a unique feature of food packaging bags, beautiful silver luster, let it shine brilliantly in vacuum bags. because the bags will wrinkle after vacuum. the complex pattern of color printing can not be perfectly displayed, on the contrary, it is obviously empty. aluminum foil bag packaging can play a very good decorative role by virtue of its silver appearance. in addition, the silver background gives more design space and inspiration, so that the designer's skyscraper ideas can be fully displayed.
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