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how to look at the composition list on the label of food pac-ag旗舰厅

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for the printing ink, the quality of food packaging bag label directly affects the printing effect of heat shrinkage label. practice has proved that uv flexographic ink is a very good choice. its greatest advantage is that it can achieve high color strength through curing and drying, which also brings great challenges to traditional gravure ink.

the society of plastics industry (spi) has developed a code for the types of plastics used in plastics products. it is a triangle consisting of three arrows representing the cycle, with a digital symbol. they attach the recovery mark of the triangle to the plastics products and use numbers 1 to 7 and abbreviations in english to refer to the types of resins used in plastics. in this way, the identification of plastic varieties becomes simple and easy, and the cost of recycling has been greatly reduced. nowadays, many countries in the world have adopted this spi identification scheme. in 1996, china formulated almost the same labeling standards.

pay attention to distinguishing milk beverage from milk

"first of all, we should pay attention to the category of food packaging bags. the label will inevitably indicate the category of food. the name of the category must be the standard name licensed by the state, which can reflect the essence of food." feng xuehang, head of the food production supervision department of the provincial food and drug administration, said. for example, if the beverage package is marked "coffee milk", to determine whether it is a beverage or a milk product, you can check the food label. if the "food category" item on the label indicates "flavored milk" or "flavored milk", the product is made by adding coffee and sugar to the milk instead of adding sugar, thickener, coffee and a small amount of milk to the water. if the latter is the case, then it belongs to "milk beverage" rather than milk in the food category.

similarly, the public can also pay attention to product labels for the distinction between some dairy drinks and dairy products. according to the national standards, milk beverage can not be counted as milk products, but beverages, its nutrient concentration is usually one third of milk, nutritional value and milk can not be the same. there are two main ways to distinguish: one is to look closely at the packaging, which usually hides the word "beverage" or "drinks" in the lower right of the product name. second, you can view the ingredients column on the side wall of the packing box. the first raw material of milk beverage is water, and the second is milk. in addition, in the column of nutrient content, milk beverage is labeled with protein concentration greater than or equal to 1%. according to the national regulations, the protein content of milk products must be greater than or equal to 2.9%. at present, most products are above 3%.

feng xuehang explained that according to the relevant laws and regulations of food labeling in china, every product that leaves the factory after january 1, 2013 must indicate five basic nutritional data, including the energy (calories, calories), protein content, fat content, carbohydrate content and sodium content in food, and the proportion of these contents to the reference value of daily nutritional supply (nrv). and for the food that wins by taste, we should also be careful about its calorie, fat, sodium content and other indicators.

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